im not your jester

i am not here to entertain anyone. BUT I WILL

I have thought about art every day since i can remember.  every medium ever.  the least explored has been writing. And this is why i have been doing it so much lately. In creative writing if you hate capital letters and punctuation you can make them go away forever because you are creating art that will exist in a persons mind so punctuation police and grammar fascists can go write books for no one to read.   i am okay with that.  telling me to put a period somewhere is the same thing as telling me to paint a still life. i am well aware of how i write and i like it i mean its fun and i like it because in my mind it sounds like i am rambling on and on when i read something outloud.
  iambic pentameter is cool. But it won’t be used by me at least not on purpose. Same goes for photo realistic paintings or glazing techniques. all beautiful all their own things and all not me.  i am grateful for people who are positive and supportive. genuinely supportive as i make a decision that i think will be really great for me. i think doing visual art and creative writing simultaneously will be fantastic.  i really want to go to sarah lawrence as days at fit get lower and lower.
today at a writing lecture about islamic writers i confessed i dumped my therapist for writing.
still think it was a really great idea.

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