oh talkin to a ghost

i have been thinking about robert whitaker.  i wonder if he deserves a prize.  maybe he does. maybe he doesn't.  i wonder if psychiatrists get nervous when "anatomy of an epidemic" is mentioned to them as they scribble their scrips and hand em to whoever.  Maybe they just get annoyed. annoyed at the internet.  i don't know why they would though. every doctor i have seen in the past few years has had to google something on their smartphones at least once while talking to me.  Im talking any kind of doctor here. doesn't that make you feel weird? what if they just used wikipedia to find out if you have a flu or cancer?

on a side note. i am sick. its not cancer.

pomogranate pill sculpture by kate macdowell

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Lars said...

at least it's not google translate huuuhhhhh. yes to the pomegranate.