conversation on gchat

[andrew: alfie i didn't know you were raised catholic that explains everything.]

me: hey

whats up

andrew: haha honestly?

i'm drinking whiskey and apple cider.

me: hahahha



who is this?

andrew: andrew sturgess

me: oohh shit it really is you

mystery solved

anddrew: ya i saw your fb thing i was like oh crap i hope i didn't super creep u out.

me: no i was curious

what about me being catholic explain

this might help my writing

andrew: : o h the guilt thing

me: haha yes

me: do i look guilty?

andrew: : catholics who are at all subversive are like, not as gung ho about shit

me: i am gung ho?

andrew: no you're not that gung ho

me: im actually an athesist ... dont tell god.

andrew: : i'm an agnostic, don't tell non-god

me: i wont

andrew: : ok at the risk of making grand statements about your inner workings, haha

andrew: : like, from what i know about you, you seem to go back and forth between being kind of a fuck-the-world hermit and then a gregarious people person

me: so what do you think that means

andrew: : umm, idk i do the same thing, and the catholic guilt thing is part of it

me personally, like i don't feel comfortable in my own skin half the time

Sent at 1:00 PM on Sunday

me: but

i dont feel guilty


ted said...

Some people think the world is their playground.

Other people believe they are the world's playground.

Catholics don't have any idea what playgounds are.

I was confirmed, I should know.

Get up off of me slide.

alfie said...

i was confirmed too. my parents made me. i was like 15 years old.