as is

i should do the safe thing. my best bet. these are just the voices of other peoples lives.  an advertising major asked me what i would do with a degree in fine art and i replied 'go to yale' and i want to go there.  i want a sort of education and happiness in my life that may make me stressed, miserable and in need of horse tranquilizers but its worth it.  i asked the advertising major what she would do with her degree besides convince people to buy things they do not need.  she slid her thumb across her four fingers. money.  i have never had it so why start now?  i have decided to get my first mfa in creative writing. i made it my third minor and in creative writing i have a voice.  it may not be good considering i just discovered my lungs. my tar filled lungs.  i am thinking sarah lawrence.  i like the atmosphere there.  i am still researching i just do not want to go to another state school. and oh how i am sick of being surrounded by fashion majors who look a me strangely.  but really its not my fault they can not afford alexander wang and have to settle for jeffery cambpell. or whatever.

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