ive been writing. and i have teamed up with an amazing writer/editor.  i am not sure yet how to explain it but i want to keep everything under wraps for now. here is a teaser :

not only have all the psychiatric drugs that i am on made me angry. they have made me furious. not only at things that go wrong. instead, at any time that i was ever wronged. i stored them all for a time like this. for a time to be angry. for a time to yell at people. for a time to think that some of the people i have been friends with in the past make me angry. a time to dissolve myself from any contact. still not capable of physical violence against people. just against boxes. but only boxes made of cardboard. and they deserve it, ruining things with their dull brown color. being too weak for storing important things and sometimes too strong to break. i hate that about people. except i am talking about boxes. but really i do not want to shatter anyone to pieces. i do imagine it though. i imagine being able to break like glass. no one puts glass back together

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