things on my mind the past few weeks

i wont spout other peoples ideas and relay them to you as my own. but the most interesting mammals in my humble opinion are humans. i think in order to truly understand society not only should i participate in "high culture" activities and get into discussions with pseudo intellectuals.[hate doing this] i should also participate in "low culture" activities which in society are just as important considering a lot of people watch television, eat easy mac, or go to chain restaurants with their families after watching a romantic comedy.  My point being is that i can relate. i like law & order. I can also analyze it while i watch it. I've read david sedaris and he is hilarious. Do i find these things any less important then reading a book by bertrand russell or some obscure book on socialism. of course not. People can walk with their noses in the air reading sartre or any other depressed author of that time and pretending their reality is the only kind that exists.
dudes i feel sorry for you.
* note i did not invent the term low and high culture
*note not about a particular person. actually i am lying its about particular people

on a fun note emily is going to be here sunday. i like her she is fun. and smart.

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