i fell asleep in bed stuy to beirut members drumming above me. i think they were talking in drum. i woke up and allie and taylor were there. still a little fuzzy from the night before. i dont know how i washed all the dishes. i packed my stuff minus ipod. decided to go to olivias in manhattan. i walked in an octogon after i got off the 5 train. always walk towards water. i said to myself. walking around sort of lost but sort of just looking at lights and sort of just crying a little bit i finally made it to olivias i found a wood pedastool on the street and bought it as a gift. we went back to the giant garbage pile. olivia found wood stretches and we got another pedastool. i gaurded the garbage. i think i became the trash because no one looked at me.
the next day i tried to turn olivia into a boy for pictures. this didnt work. then i told her to keep her penciled eyebrows on so i could photograph her looking like a little girl. this worked better.

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