i am only supposed exist for you in this world

i am supposed to write something humorous.
what if i have been sucked dry.
no longer entertaining.
not just a burden.
anything a joke is an aversion.
not everything should be funny.
not everything should be funny
all the time.
i dont think my life is.
i hope my life isnt.
sometimes i wish people
would talk to me about science.
or lifestyles.
hell even politics or depression.
anything that will turn
the cardboard world around me into flesh.
sometimes its okay to smell garbage and be happy because
it reminds you that you are not forgotten and rotten.
you still could be decaying to core.
but people cant see that.
people are happier i think
with the things they cant see,
like god like problems, wind,
and when they will die.
i wish it didn't take me five minutes
to really see people.
id have a lot more friends.

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