i bought a book. for people to write or draw in when they come over. BUT i realized no one comes over here. im supposed to travel to everyone else. probably because its boring here. its a bubble. filled with sheltered soccer moms or something. there are plenty of sheltered people in large cities. there are moms that take yoga and wear those slings and majored in communication and have husbands they dont see. a house with woods is how alot of people live. i just want to get to know it. ive made a tiny world even here that i never leave. well i dont go to bars or k mart. or house parties. there is no one culture in my mind. the world is divided into millions of subcultures. so the subculture of soccer mom i know nothing about. the subculture of bike kids i know a little about. the subculture of albanians i know too well. and the subculture of artists i only know a tiny bit about. so if you think your saying fuck you to america by not living in a small town in Tennessee or kentucky or montana instead of, LA, san francisco. you are kind of wrong. i think. you are also not your neighborhood.

i have been pooped on by a pigeon twice.

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