there is nothing wrong with wanting to reach a broader audience i think. It is not a thing that some people can stand. pop art is important. it is also not asthetically pleasing usually to me. i do however enjoy work that is meant to be ephemeral. somehow that very aspect of this certain kind of art has the opposite effect and that to me is a wonderful thing. ive been veering towards abstraction. it almost seems secular but it is not. i have no conventional faith. fortunatly i have not been that desperate in my life yet. i fear the day.

what i am trying to say is your punk rock anarchy future was never a reality. the whole world lives in anarchy already. a different kind of anarchy.

wishing you were born in the 60's is not a thought out idea. Most real "hippies" realized this too and now work for big corporations.

working with the shit, emotional decay, garbage, and the tramua of your time. thats art.

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