i was in a book store. the other day thinking about hypocrisey and thinking of guilty verdicts including the book store i was currently in. including myself. including various archetypes. my mind jumped to other thoughts as a browsed the unimpressive art section. i came across a book of poetry by ryan adams. i flipped through and read a few things. a few things that i liked. i could not afford the book. then my mind jumped to ellen. she would like the book. i know she would. i bet she would read it to oona. i have a lot on my mind. i am nervous for the show tomorrow. i am wondering about my conflicts. and why i am so difficult to have as a friend.

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ellen frances said...

yes! I love him because he wrote the craziest most amazing blog on earth for a few years. Also he makes rap and metal albums (mostly about pizza) under different names.

I think you are a good friend!