a short

marie decided every day of her life that she wanted vengeance. she would never act out on this though. she was a liberal girl and taking vengeance on someone was something you would do in a denzel washington movie. but everyday at some point she felt her brain get hot. she clenched her ineffectual fists to the point her palms bled.

No one really thought this about marie. she was a generally pleasant girl. she complemented women when they looked like they were having a bad day and politely declined dates with boys. stating she was already seeing someone. this behavior did not make her a good person. she was a titanium white liar. This is how she took her anger out on people. With lies about their blouses and flickering eyelashes of flattery.

She was well aware of her situation. she had always felt guilty about being nice to people because she never meant it. she couldn't remember the last time something she said was genuine. Her anger wasn’t fixated on the human race as a whole. oh no she was no misanthrope. she knew who she was angry with. she imaged his funeral. and looking at the casket smiling. she imaged his fiery death. something, anything, she wanted to control the way he died with her brain. The problem was she was no super hero. No one special, just a person wishing a man was dead...and taking it out on everyone
but him.