flauneur foundry

i am in this publication! you should pre-order it
its really great
and beautiful and has lots of talented writers and artists in it

here are the details:


My incredible mother, Priestess Mary B Thorpe, has made a deal with me to temporarily foot the remaining bill for the printing until enough copies are sold to pay her back. EPIC. GOLDEN. GODLY. GODDESSLY. GODESSEY.

What does this mean? It means the process will proceed and printing [should] go as planned and arrive on schedule.

STILL: please keep pre-ordering so I can prove to the Priestess that people are buying, thus avoiding a maternal and financial heart attack.




Issue II Spring 2010 sleep prngrphr is set to be released within the month

ALAS, I am just shy of being able to pay for the printing

THUS, please pre-order copies now and help me come up with the last bit of cash to get this hot piece of ass to the printer

I bet you know at least 3 people in this issue. at least. and I bet you have kissed at least 2.

Contributors get a free copy. make your parents buy some, though. and if you don't know if you are a contributor... email me. I am a little behind in acceptance letters.



free shipping

love note included


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