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tao lin sent me a copy of his new book. i read it. i was a little sad when i was done reading it. i felt like it had alot of affection. i imagined the book to be true life based. i imaged some of the characters as people i know. mostly i imagined sam as tao. i couldn't relate to sam. i could have if i tried. but i liked him the way he was. i liked this book because if i was in high school, lonely, listening to jenny lewis this book might make me happy. i liked it because if i was an academic person who reads everyday and has many degrees in english and literature i could feel the alienation, self deprecation, and irony. mostly i just liked it. it also made me think "i dont think id ever want to date tao lin"


ellen frances said...

i wished there was a 'dislike' option for posts on facebook. i was going to type 'ellen dislikes this' in the feed but i didnt because i thought maybe that would be stupid.

i refuse to read this book because it seems like a waste of time.. similar to, but not as good as, staring at a wall. A wall without any perfections or imperfections enough to stimulate the brain.

I would just like to say, once again (from the blog post I recently wrote), I have never... repeat -- have never-- excused myself to go gargle, returned from the bathroom, sat on a skinny asians lap (potentially breaking his legs) and force fed him tongue. Apparently the author claims this book is 100% 'not fiction'.. but I can tell you from an online excerpt, and as a 'character' its 100% wishful thinking.

alfie said...

i took it as mostly fiction i beleive you about the mouthwash hahaha

ellen frances said...

i know im being overly sensitive because it is just a stupid book, BUT thats so off for me even as a character.. even embellished it should have gone more like this:

hester smoked a cigarette. hester smoked another cigarette. hester looked at her black berry. hester looked at her iphone. hester smoked another cigarette. hester picked up circus dog and handed her to sam. sam played with circus dog. hester smoked another cigarette. sam asked hester why she wouldnt kiss him. hester told sam because he had no experience in life. sam told hester she seemed 'mature'. hester smoked another cigarette.

ryan manning said...

i am reluctant to read it