ryan pfluger

ryan is one of my best friends and one of the best photographers i know. we lived together for a year and even shared a bed. (twin size!) and i never got annoyed at him. i dont think i could ever get sick of ryan. while we were living together he took photos of me. ones like these.

as you can see he is a very talented fellow. you can check out more of his works at his website

last week i went to ryans house as i was walking in a guy i recognized was walking out it turned out to be one of the evil vampires from new moon. kind of frazzled i walked up and gave ryan a big hug. the roles were reveresed and he let me take pictures of him for my photo transfer project. this is a test print i did at home. the ones i do in the printmaking studio will come out much nicer.

here is a photograph pre photo transfering process

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