last NIGHT

ellen put this best when she said

"Last night I rushed home after work, grabbed some high platform heels and hopped on the L to Williamsburg. I had work up in the show for fakeorange / OAK - apart of the Williamsburg Art Crawl. By 9pm the open white space was packed with hundreds of beautiful people, a photographer and some of my most favorite collaborative artists; Julian Gilbert, Alfie & Alison and Angie Sullivan. I hadn't seen anyone in five months (I hadnt seen Japanster in like two years!) so I got quite a kick out of the belly touching and particularly out of Julian listening to my stomach in an attempt to hear it say something. (unfortunately its not speaking - but it will start hearing next week!). I have to reiterate that there were hundreds of people there, and all of them beautiful. I could hardly walk through the room at one point and it made me feel excited to be out at 'night' again - and in heels and makeup no less. The show received mention in both New York Magazine and NBC New York - as well as a multitude of blogs, which I am sure contributed to the over population. I am not complaining though I had so much fun."

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