ali documented everything i did one drunken night at 151
ryan manning put it on cookie bomb

here it is

alfie's whereabouts
Alison Zullo

12:22 return from bathroom
12:24 smoking
12:30 return from phone call with reid
12:35 'getting a drink'
12:45 unexcused brb-outside
1:00 cig with reid
1:32 back...interesting
1:51 dancing real hard with cruella deville
"reid from the knee down" best rap song ever
2:06 returned with reid
2:15 returned from other missing
2:35 vertical wiggle spooning yoshi
2:53 missing and so is ld and kristina
2:57 "ran into some friends from the party days"
3:03 "backing that ass up"
3:07 shakin it like a salt shaker-perhaps to the bathroom?
3:17 back from bathroom
something probably worth noting