so i have to be sad about every famous person in the world dying

i am sorry for not feeling anything about any celebrity deaths. i realize i alienate myself on a daily basis. i didn't smile at your kids on the street. i dont do anything to help my current situation. i may seem like a coldhearted somebody. the thing is i save all my intense emotions for completely self indulgent times. these times are frequent times. these times are personal times. the thought of grieving with the whole country at the same time makes me feel disgusting.



Mew! said...

I thought you were about to quote Ginsberg but then it was just better than that.

jeremy said...

you didn't know them. there's no point in grieving or feeling anything about people you didn't know being dead. if you did that all the time you'd be constantly sad about everything.

ryan manning said...

all is one

Sarah A. said...

i didnt care either. i still dont. michael jackson shouldve died years ago - before he became inescapably linked to "pedophile".