its been weird. and fun. my favorite Colorado boys were in town and i had the best time i have had in a while. sometimes i wish i was still nineteen. i have made a whole bunch of mistakes in the past years but i would not take any of them back. i painted a bunch tonight and finally a painting i have been working on for weeks looks right. it may not look good but its right. it feels good. to add to sort of famous or famous deaths dash snow died. my only memory of him is running around ryan mcginleys apartment naked. i was naked too then but not at the same time. im alive. Ive been sick kind of or allergies. or because of mold in my lungs maybe? maybe i just made that up. its okay i took allergy medicine. i really did have xanax and beermosas for brunch. everyone got "fuck rex" stick and pokes. ali made a tattoo gun out of an electric toothbrush. its so much easier not to give a fuck.

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