dear megan,
remember the time i kicked you out of our bedroom to have a threesome? you were really understanding about that. not many people would have reacted the way you did. remember when you were really mad at leroy for peeing on your painting and you had the talk with him in the bathroom? i thought that talk was appropriate. but then when you were painting on the roof you peed on all your paintings. so that made me a little confused. i figured you liked the color of your pee. maybe leroys was too dark. i am surprised we are not dead.


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Mew! said...

hahah best. Remember that time i also drew, with a permanent marker, angry v-face eye brows on leroy..and then the Colorado boys got mad but they always put him in a cold shower when he was bad? Poor Leroy. Remember when you ate peas and I was surprised? Who knew you liked peas.