ben blum

hi ben blum,
i am writing you this letter because i feel like talking to a friend who is not here at the moment. i know its only been a few weeks since we spoke but it seems like longer and i don't really understand why. are you writing like a maniac? i feel like you are. i can sense it. Lately i feel lonely but i want to be alone to feel lonely. like i am an alien in the middle of all these people who get everything and i dont get any of it. do you know what i mean? i walked around williamsburg today thinking it was a mall. thinking its funny that allot of these people grew up in different places that had malls and they are all doing the same thing they did when they were 15. im painting people again but their faces are slowly dissapearing. i like this. i like whats going on. i have to get a job ben blum. the requirments are that it has to be shitty and that i have little responsibility. i might sell bagels to carb lovers.
im okay with it, it doesnt matter in the summer

your friend

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