ben blum took me out on a date
i waited on a stoop while it was raining
he was 45 minutes late but i didn't mind i needed a shower anyway
afterward he took me to subway were we ordered our "five dollar foot longs"
he ordered for us and got me a sandwich with cucumbers i am allergic to them but how could he remember? he probably has so much on his mind.
being a busy grad student he had forgotten his wallet so i paid.
i dont mind because we are in love.
i picked off the cucumbers and stared at him devouring his sandwich.
once he was done with his five dollar footlong he ate the rest of mine
this was okay because ben blum was right when he said "you really should be watching those calories"
after our fancy lunch it started pouring out
ben had an umbrella but he didn't share
but he was right his shoes were way nicer then the raggedy things on my feet.

i believe our relationship is really blossoming he talks about himself for hours
sure he doesn't know my major or the town i grew up in but it doesn't matter
because THIS IS LOVE

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