i feel so good feeling this awful

the marlene dumas works at the museum of modern art are so great. i leaned against the walls in one of the rooms and stared at the ink portraits that surrounded me. it was nice because it was one of those nights the museum stays open until 830 so there was very few people there. i also got to spend many minutes alone with some of my favorite paintings.

maybe i want to feel confused. but i just hate that you left all that stuff at my house. i wanted to think about you. i thought of someone else.


James said...

the marlene dumas gallery is intense and awesome. i really like the room upstairs full of the black and white portraits of people. when i saw the snake one, i started to laugh and people looked at me funny but i didn't care because i was laughing. this happens sometimes.

alfie said...

i laughed at the snake also

James said...

i am glad i am not the only one.