im so excited

for fakeorange issue 2 (the internet)

i did some sketches in oil paint today, sketches that were not good but i am obessed with my new "oil sketching paint" this is actually just regular paint. but when i look at the tube and it says sketching on it i feel okay about using the paint in this way.

i made a large paper installation when i lived with cat kim and ryan pfluger and cat made a little gif that i love so i will now post it right here


heres a painting i did some weeks ago its not done


don't bother knocking said...

Alfie I am also glad.

ellen frances said...

I am very excited too BUT OMG OH NO.. FUUUCK..

ellen frances said...


amandalee said...

I am really glad you posted this little stop motion thing. I remember when you guys made it and I loved it.

Luke said...

I love this painting. I come back to your blog to check out your work. Post more work!