im listening to the death set and trying to relive the fun i had with alison at their show last night. who knew fun could be had in the bronx. at fordham university.

check them out


Zachary German said...

i saw the death set when he played with matt and kim and some shit in green point or some shit in like 2006

or 2005

i met totally michael outside the show

i rode a track bike indoors and like fell down

i like looked at but did not eat tacos

i drank corona

best night

alfie said...

i think i was there too

i think totally michael was dressed as a bee

Zachary German said...

i think he wasn't dressed like a bee that night but he was the next night or two nights later at... 'glasslands?' when he played with the pharmacy. that was a fun show i missed the pharmacy though. um. times. that existed. um. yum. times. yummy times