art night for geniuses

Last night ellen hosted one of her art nights
i was excited to go because i could not make it to the last few that she invited me to
it was at this store front on stanton called the stanton chapter i think it was pretty cool, people kept looking in at us
i know what manequins feel like
i had a great time i drew
i feel like i dont draw enough lately
i should ive spoiled myself with messy paints
alison made a bunch of great things out of wire
ellen made a book, and she also sang for a second but i thought she should sing more
angie and julian drew a bunch and all of us took pictures
oh i was in a sing along
i think you can get fakeorange at the envoy gallery now


ellen frances idontlikeit said...

I love camera phone photos!!
Thank you for coming, and yes Jimmy took some FO's to Envoy and Jason kept some at The Stanton Chapter.
FO everywhere

mi said...

where's the cake?

Anonymous said...

this looks like so much fun, i wish i was theeeeerrreeee :(