you know i love you

fakeorange was started when alison, robbie, dave, and i were fresh out of high school. it started as an art collective. and we all worked together to have an awesome website filled with our artwork and various projects. throughout the past 4 or 5 years its changed and the people taking part have varied, but it has never completely gone away. alison and i have high hopes for fakeorange, we want it to eventually be a design house and fabrication studio. to get the ball rolling we decided to create a zine featuring our friends, and even strangers whose work we admired and people who we thought actually brought something to the art community. we posted bulletins on myspace and facebook and talked to friends. if someone was interested in being a part of our project and we thought their work fit in well with the vision for the first issue, we put them in. we are extremely pleased with how well everyones work looks, and also impressed with the intuitive people took to contribute.
heres some pictures from the process

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