right now you are going to read this but only because you have nothing else to do. this will be boring. and the only reason it exisits is because i also have nothing else to do right now. so at this moment we share a human connection.

but just to warn you this place right here, it wont be filled with long redundant paragraphs complaining about the people around me or the times i live in. it wont be me trying to prove myself because, i dont feel the need to do that. im happy with everyone and everything for the most part.

i will tell you that yesterday was really AWESOME so in case your a total stranger, alison zullo and ryan pfluger are two of my very best friends. yesterday ryan and i have a conversation resembeling something like this

ryan alison and i have a suprise for you
ryan im not telling you
me is it doc martens!?
ryan yes alfie its doc martens

WELL it was absolutely not doc martens. i meet up with alison and we head over to ryans. they tell me to close my eyes and i make it very clear that i am not putting anything strange in my mouth. well i OPEN MY EYES
and what do i see?
alison and ryan got matching tatoos

lets just say i was speechless. but thats the most amazing thing any of my friends have ever done.
but the story isnt over yet they decided to create a blog about their matching tatoos. each day they will draw something differant/hilarious as an addition to my face.

the first post is a tribute to everyones favorite porn blog.

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